Weekly Poker Hand #247

Aces get dealt at Stones Gambling Hall. That doesn’t seem fair!

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Poker Hand #247”

  1. Though you recommended a different course of action with the pocket rockets, AZ’s chicanery payed off and he was able to rope in the loose aggressive Dave-O. How much action do you think he would have generated had he bet before and after the flop?


  2. Pot Bet question –
    Narrative calculates $300 in pot and says ‘ok, $340 on the order of a pot bet.’ I count $200 in the pot before the re-raise to $340. Pot bet would be $400, no, matching the $200 already committed?

    UTG (AA) Limp -$10
    UTG +1 (Lady) – fold
    UTG+2 (KdQd)- raise $60
    Button (man-bun two to right of dealer) – fold
    SB Call (88) – $60
    BB Call (Red hat ‘Dave O’ QTo) – $60
    Action to The Wolf, TB Third Blind, $10 in pot before raising to $340
    (Player between TB and UTG was just seated an is not in the hand)

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