Online Poker for Americans

I am often asked by players from the United States about their options to play online poker. Some think it is completely illegal (which is not true) while others think their money is safe in unregulated/unlicensed sites (it is not). In this video, I explain all your options so you know how to stay in action without opening yourself up to losing all your funds.

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4 thoughts on “Online Poker for Americans”

  1. Thank you for helping us separate the quality sites from the shaky ones! Buyer Beware!! It is much appreciated.

  2. Hi Jonathan,

    Thanks for this message. Unless missed it, did you mention

    I live in Los Angeles, I was wondering, can I create a account, drive to Las Vegas, logon and play a 2019 WSOP Online event?

    Thanks for all your videos, really enjoy them,
    Scotty Wayne

  3. When I checked out Ignition, the bottom of the page says that due to legal issues residents of NY, Delaware and a few other states cannot play. But, when I registered from NY it accepted my info. What do you think, put $ in or not?

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