Weekly Poker Hand #245

A completely unnecessary preflop battle takes place at Stones Gambling Hall. They call it a gambling hall for a reason!

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Poker Hand #245”

  1. Thank you for the content.

    I tend to use a 4bet or fold rationale when OOP like with the AJs like in this video.

    I would be interested in someone’s opinion of the following line. My default is to be aggressive when in doubt.

    Live $1/3 NLHE cash
    Effective stacks $400
    Hero BB AcQc
    Villain opens $15 from UTG+2, 4 callers, hero 3b to $100, villain calls, rest fold.
    Pre-flop Analysis: There is a lot of dead money there and I do not want to go 6 ways to a flop with a premium hand. I use this formula when OOP 3bet= (4 x open) + (open x # callers). The villain is a tight player and I saw him limping a lot (50-60ish white man) and did not see him show down the pots he opened. I put him on a snug range of 88+, AJs+ , QKo+. When he flats there with so much action behind I eliminate AA, AK, KK from his range. My 3bet range in this situation where I am closing the action is JJ+, AJs-AKs, A2s-A5s, AQo+ and I am flatting a ton of other stuff with those pot odds especially small to medium pairs and suited connectors/gappers.

    Flop: 8h9dJh (Pot: $254)
    Action: Hero check, Villain bets $75, Hero jams all in for remaining $300, villain calls after about 2 minutes.
    Villain: KcKs

    Post flop analysis: I am checking most of my range here. The down bet felt weak to me so I jammed it in with overs and gut shot figuring he is only calling me with sets (9 combos), AKh, AQh, QQ and I could generate fold equity and keep my check-jam range balanced. I didn’t think he had AA or KK in his range, since I thought he’d 4bet me preflop.

    I ran out running QQ to scoop a big pot, but I’m not sure if check jam there is +EV or not against a relatively nitty $1/3 opponent. I really do not like a check call line since it caps my range. I am check folding or check jamming pretty much all of my range OOP with such low SPR. My range analysis was obviously off since he showed up with KK. Maybe he only calls TT-KK, AK and exclusively 4bets AA? It worked out in my favor since I sucked out, but I am trying to figure out if it was a “good play” or not from a strategy standpoint.

    I’d appreciate other’s input!

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