Weekly Poker Hand #230

A fun hand breaks out in a $5/$5/$10 cash game at Stones Gambling Hall. JL flops the nuts but then FakeLies rivers a flush. Can JL make the fold? Would you make the fold?

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Poker Hand #230”

  1. Thanks Jonathan for the insights. Seems that JL should have bet once he hit the straight on the flop as the board looked quite textured. By checking he generated no information about his opponents and subsequently put no pressure on them. Your thoughts?

    Merry Christmas to you and the entire Little family!

    1. Information is overrated. It is often not accurate and leads you to make blunders on later betting rounds while also making the opponent’s range much stronger. In general, you want to keep your opponent’s range wide and weak.

  2. Looks like “Fake Lies” needs a over-bet bluffing range when scary river cards arrive. If “JL” is willing to fold a straight, over-bet bluffing should be really profitable. If he mixes in a few value hands, like the flush, then “Fake Lies” should be printing money in no time.

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