Weekly Poker Hand #209


  • Avatar Gregory Lightcap says:

    Very well done. I understood everything you said. Probably because there was no what the opponent hand charts.
    When you show the chart with what you think they have, I don’t understand how you pick those cards without even seeing the flop. Thank you

  • Avatar Andy Shotton says:

    Thanks Jonathan, very informative again as I played a hand similar to this, doing the same as Daniel did but losing a lot more chips in the hand. I know now to shove instead of check on the flop.

  • Avatar Dave says:

    How does the fact that Daniel is out of position work into the hand.
    It seems that he could wait for a better spot in position.
    Is my thinking off on this?

  • Avatar Senorvegas says:

    Thx so much–this hand was oddly liberating. After watching, I went to my local 1-2 game and opened UTG for 10 with AKs. Got 3 callers, then the flop came 9s8s7h. It goes bet 28, call, fold to me. Effective stacks 170 I shoved. Got called by 2 pair and lost. But looking back, my guess is that I had a 40% chance of a fold and a 35% chance of winning if called, which is positive EV (about 30 if my math is right). I also made it back later when I flopped a straight and stacked someone in a way that usually doesn’t happen. As I said, I can see the vistas this opens up–I really appreciate your help.