Weekly Poker Hand #193

I get a bit splashy with my 8bb stack with Qs-6s and get rewarded.

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Poker Hand #193”

  1. We have less than 10 BB. I imagine your push fold chart would say push for K-6s. ? But in this case with limpers, are we not passing up on too much fold equity??

    1. The push/fold chart does not apply at all when there are limpers because they have ranges that the charts do not account for. The push/fold charts only apply to when everyone folds to you. Also, you should have almost no fold equity if the opponents know how to calculate pot odds.

  2. Hi Jonathan,
    I like your short stack example, it reminds me of what you said in your book about ‘Reasons to Bet’ – or not to bet, which is caring about the hands your opponents will call with. In this example you had little reasons to bet on the flop, even with almost the nuts. I will try to remember this example!
    But apart of that, I have a very tough time with opponents that play ‘out of standard’ with a short stack by betting half or less of their stack when 9-6 BBs. For me this doesn’t make sense, but the problem is: I must deal with it and still I’m not sure I handle it well, especially against unknown players.

    Best sportive salutations,

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