Weekly Poker Hand #192

I fire the second barrel on a somewhat scary turn.

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Poker Hand #192”

  1. Wouldn’t a 16K flop bet be better than 12K simply bc my reasoning would be that 12K looks far weaker and will likely induce much more calls from speculative hands in his rnage whereas 16K seems more standard and I feel will fold out a greater % of his marginal range? Obv the counter thesis is that 12K doesn’t need to work as high a percentage of the time.(I.e 33% vs 25% of the time to breakeven on the former vs the latter)

    1. The idea of something “looking” stronger of weaker depends on what the opponent thinks. I don’t assume I know what my opponents are thinking. In general, on an uncoordinated board where the preflop raiser has a range advantage, betting small is often ideal.

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