Weekly Poker Hand #186

I push around someone who is trying to push around the bubble of a $10,000 buy-in WSOP event.

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Poker Hand #186”

  1. Hi Jonathan-
    I really enjoy your WPH. I look forward to it every week. Now for my questions. If Schindler’s 55K raise had been an 11BB All-In shove, do you still make the call? Also, given his actual stack, would you have taken a different line if Schindler made it 150K, or shoves his entire 294K stack?

  2. Mr little …how much do you charge to be my mentor for a month ….I think we spoke about this a couple month back but you said to get back to you.


    1. It depends entirely on how many hours of my time you want. If you want 20-one hour sessions, Mon – Fri for 4 weeks, that would normally come to $6,000. I am willing to discount it to $4,800 due to buying the sessions in bulk.

  3. Love the analysis here Jonathan! I paused vid and thought about it before continuing the vid and I also chose 4 bet allin based on your perception and reas of schindler and his rnage. Also, I considered small 4bet but also thought like yourself that that pot commits me to call his all9in. The call reasoning I thought I’ve only got bout 7-8X his sizing and I’ve got a great A blcoker too. You mentioned in the vid that the call also lets him realise his equity on the flop(wghich is truew ofc however if you felt his range was wide an allin on many flops or even slowplaying if you hit top or middle pair is fine)

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