Weekly Poker Hand #158

I face a flop and turn lead with top pair. How do you approach this situation?

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1 thought on “Weekly Poker Hand #158”

  1. Early on in the tourney, I’m sure you snap off relatively reasonably leads on the end. Likely ahead and some actionable info gained…but what if V came after it after your check and potted or even overbet the river? No reads and a weird bet for sure made by anything worse, so now we’re beat in a bunch of spots, do we sigh fold? But we are beating a handful of J-o weaker kicker hands that either turned their losing pair into a bluff, or might be inexperienced enough to just randomly bet rivers with top pair. It’s so early so just reverting to solid poker may make a fold fine – but what about that “first impression”
    thing? Seems to take awhile to overturn those “best impressions” people. We don’t want to start the day as the imagined soft spot. Hmmm. Well, maybe we do call. And it’s a a win-win. We either scoop a nice pot, or work that ultra tight image for all its worth. Hmmm. Gotta love poker.

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