WPH #473: Eric Persson Is TILTING!!!!!!!!

In this weekly poker hand Jonathan analyzes a poker hand where Eric Persson tries to trap with pocket kings on the Hustler Casino Live stream during a $200/$400/$800 game!

Jonathan talks about how he would rather Eric try to trap with a strong pocket pair in an earlier position where the likelihood that someone will 3-bet will be far greater as there are more people to act. When he decides to just flat on the button there are only a few more people left to act that may decide to 3-bet.

Jonathan also discusses Ben’s interesting decision to slow down and check on the turn when he turns two pair. Generally when you are playing multiway and you have a strong hand that is vulnerable to being outdrawn you should look to stay aggressive and build a pot against players that want to realize their equity.

When Ben raises the turn he should generally have no bluffs which means that he needs to be over valuing a hand like pocket jacks or queens for Eric’s call to be profitable.

Make sure when you are playing medium to large pots that you do take a few seconds before you make your decision. Eric Persson decided to snapcall on the river before thinking through any of what had happened throughout the hand. Had he taken a bit more time he may have pieced together the puzzle that Ben’s range was extremely strong after he bet into multiple people on the flop, check-raised the turn into multiple people and then still decided to fire on the river after Eric had called. All of that information makes a hand like pocket kings shrink in value drastically and it will often be the second best hand to Ben’s.

This high stakes poker cash game hand took place on a Hustler Casino Live Stream with blinds at a staggering $200/$400/$800. The lineup for this game features some of the biggest names in the poker world right now with Alan Keating, Luda Chris, Handz & Eric Persson all deciding to pony up the six figure buy-in that was required for this poker game.

The hand starts with Blank Check Ben with a loose raise to $2,000 from UTG with 96cc. He manages to pick up 4 callers including Ben’s villain in this hand – Eric Persson who has decided to trap with his pocket kings.

There is $10,000 in the middle as four players head to a flop of 9h 5d 4c. Ben decides to continue his story having now hit top pair and a backdoor flush draw. He fires $6,300 into the middle. 3 players decide to stick around including Persson who still has his overpair.

The turn is the 6h which now gives Ben two pair. He now decides to slow down and check to which Eric decides to take the betting lead and fire for a huge $20,000 bet into the $35,000 pot. Not wanting to give the other players an opportunity to outdraw his vulnerable hand, Ben decides to fire in the check-raise to $68,000. This forces the other 2 players out of the hand but Persson the non believer makes the call to stick around for the river.

The river is the Td and with $191,000 in the pot Ben is confident he still has the best hand as he bets $80,000 for value. Can Eric Persson make the correct read and a disciplined fold? Watch this poker video to find out!

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