WPH #469: Patrik Antonius STUNS The ENTIRE Poker Table! [Old School vs New School]

In this weekly poker hand Jonathan covers a hand from a Triton Poker event played between two high stakes professionals: Charlie ‘Epiphany77’ Carrel & Patrik Antonius.

Charlie has been known to publicly state that he has never used a poker solver and relies very heavily on an exploitative approach to the game. This makes him extremely fun to watch as he takes actions that a Game Theory Optimal approach would not. This poker hand is no different as he opts to raise from the small blind with 84o!

Charlie Carrel is from England and has $9,600,000 in live tournament earnings with his biggest cash of $1,600,000 coming at this 2019 Triton series in a $50,000 tournament. He is known for relying on live reads to make decisions at the table.

Patrik Antonius is from Finland and has $13,800,000 in live tournament earnings. Patrik is known for being stoic at the table and near impossible to get a live read from.

Patrik Antonius went on to finish 17th in this event for $52,000, but Charlie Carrel did not manage to cash.

Triton Super High Roller Bowl London took place in 2019 from July 31st – August 8th. There were 7 events ranging from £25,000up to the main event of £1,050,000 (which is the largest ever buy-in for a single poker tournament)

This exciting poker hand history is from the Triton Super High Roller Bowl London $25,000 6-Handed Turbo tournament at Aspers Casino in Westfield Stratford City, London in 2019.

The poker hand starts with Charlie ‘Epiphany77’ Carrel raising from the small blind to 80,000 with 84o and Patrik Antonius in the big blind decides to defend with K6o. The flop comes Jd 9s 6h, and Carrel continues the aggression with a bet of 65,000. Antonius decides to call with his bottom pair.

The 5h turn slows Carrel down and he decides to check. Antonius checks behind. The river card is the 2d, and Carrel decides to put Antonius to the test for his tournament life and puts him all in. Antonius takes his time but eventually decides to call and is correct with his bottom pair and earns himself a well deserved double up!

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