WPH #468: Rampage Poker Is SHAKING!!!!!

#pokerstrategy #pokervlog #rampagepoker Rampage Poker finds himself in a huge spot in a private home game in California as he flops middle set and faces extreme aggression!

Jonathan discusses how you should always be aware of how many chips your opponent has in any given hand. Their relative stack size compared to yours and everyone else in the hand should dictate your strategy. Adjustments should be made depending on whether you are short or deep stacked.

It is important to recognize the bluffs that your opponent might have when deciding to slow play a monster hand. If they are a loose opponent who overbluffs you will find they will tend to have far less equity so you want to trap these opponents more.

Jonathan also teaches you different factors that you should consider when determining your bet size. On wet and dynamic boards you generally want to size up your bets to make sure that any draws that your opponents might have are not getting the correct mathematical price to call.

Ethan Yau, a.k.a Rampage, is a popular YouTuber and poker player. He has over 250,000 subscribers on YouTube and has won over $1,900,000 in tournament earnings, including a $900,000 win in a $25,000 WPT High Roller at the Wynn in 2022.

This epic high stakes poker cash game hand took place in a private home game in California. The action kicks off with with an early position raise to $300. Our hero, Rampage Poker, decides to make the easy call from the hijack with his pocket fives. Two other opponents opt to make the call as well.

Four players head to the Tc 5d 3d giving Rampage middle set on a wet and dynamic board. Action is checked to Rampage who decides to fire out a $500 bet into the $1,235 pot. The straddler decides to call but the original raiser now puts in a check raise to $2,500. Rampage has an easy call and the straddler decides to come along as well.

With $8,735 in the pot the three remaining players head to the turn card which is the 4c. Action checks to Rampage again and with such a wet board he does not want to give a free card and decides to bet around half pot for $4,500. The straddler decides to get out of the way but the original raiser shoves all-in for $15,000 total. Rampage makes the relatively easy call and finds himself up against a flush draw. They decide to run it twice, can Rampage scoop the entire $38,735 pot?

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