WPH #462: $1,100,000 PUNT By RAMPAGE POKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rampage Poker played in the biggest game of his life so it was inevitable he was going to play the biggest pot of his life! Watch this crazy poker hand from the Million Dollar Cash game on The Hustler Casino Live Stream!

Jonathan talks a lot about how Rampage has a very strong nut advantage on a board of QJT as he has all of the AK and sets where his opponents should not have them as they would often 3-bet. Rampage uses his nut advantage to run a huge bluff against an opponent who is under repped the strength of his hand, but Handz find the call?

This poker hand took place during the Million Dollar Cash Game on The Hustler Casino Live Stream! Players were sat with a minimum of $1,000,000 and the blinds were at $500/$1000 often with a $2000 and $4000 straddle!

The action folds to Ethan ‘Rampage Poker’ Yau in the small blind who opts to raise with A7cc to $8,000 due to the $2000 straddle. Handz goes for a non standard flat call from the big blind with his pocket queens which invites Pav along from the straddle with Kh8d.

With the pot at an already huge $29,000 the three players head to the flop which comes Qd Jd Tc, delivering an action-packed board. Rampage decides to slow down and checks, Handz checks with his top set, and Pav takes the initiative in what he believes to be two weak hands. He bets $15,000. Rampage with the nut advantage decides to seize the opportunity and raise to $50,000. Handz now has a tricky decision but does decide to just call and Pav quickly realizes his mistake and gets out of the way.

There is $144,000 in the middle as Rampage and Handz head to the turn which is the 2c. Rampage Poker has now peaked up the nut flush draw and decides to maintain the pressure by overbetting the pot for a massive $175,000. Handz, who still has clean outs to a nutted hand, remains composed and calls.

With almost half a million dollars in the middle the two poker players see the 5s on the river. Rampage who has bricked on his gutshot straight and nut flush draw decides to continue with his story and fires another overbet in, this time for the tune of $618,000. Can Handz make the correct call and win a $1,800,000 pot?

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