WPH #461: QUADS & $270,000 In The Middle! [BRUTAL Poker Hand]

Fireworks were bound to happen when Sam Trickett rivers a full house against Dan Colman’s quads in this high stakes cash game. But can Trickett find a way to not go broke?

Jonathan discusses the merit on using specific hands to lead with multiway, particularly on flops that you think will get checked around at a high frequency. He also discusses how you should look to raise more when you are playing deep stacked with hands that are strong but have an easy opportunity to be outdrawn.

Jonathan talks about what he believes the optimal river raise size should have been for Dan Colman considering Trickett’s range to bet into multiple people, bet big on the turn and continue for half pot on the river. It will be strong full houses/straights or bluffs that would fold to any raise size. This is why Jonathan believes Colman could have used a larger raise size and still been paid by all of Trickett’s value hands on the river.

Sam Trickett is a professional poker player from the UK, he is 33rd on the all time money list with almost $28,000,000 in total live earnings. He is a regular in high stakes cash games and tournaments. He came 2nd in the ‘Big One For One Drop’ which was the first $1,000,000 buy-in back in 2012. He won over $10,000,000 after losing to Antonio Esfandiari heads-up.

Dan Colman is a professional poker player from America, he is 20th on the all time money list with almost $29,000,000 in total live earnings. He has 1 WSOP bracelet which came in 2014 from the $1,000,000 buy-in ‘Big One For One Drop’ where he won $15,306,000 beating Daniel Negreanu heads-up.

The Super High Roller Cash Game was in 2015 and involved some of the biggest professionals and businessmen in the game such as Patrik Antonius, Andrew Robl, Doug Polk, Dan Colman, Scott Seiver, Paul Newey and Matt Kirk.

This poker hand place during a special Super High Roller Cash Game hosted at the prestigious PokerGO Studio in Las Vegas! This high stakes cash game poker hand history from 2015 features some of the biggest names in poker, including Paul Newey, Matt Kirk, Dan Colman, Scott Seiver, and Sam Trickett. With a minimum buy-in of $250,000 the blinds were set at $400/$800 with a $200 ante for every player per hand.

In this particular poker hand, Newey kicks off the action with a raise to $2,500 with AsJd from under the gun, and he is called by Kirk, Colman, Seiver, and Trickett. The flop comes 8d 7d 4c, and Trickett decides to lead for $6,000 as he has flopped bottom set. Unfortunately for him, Colman has also hit middle set and he decides to call. They both are now heads up into the turn which is the Ah. Trickett continues his aggression with a bet of $22,000 and Colman decides to call once again. The river is the 7c which now gives Trickett a full house but Colman has rivered quads. Trickett decides to bet $35,000 and is faced with a raise to $100,000 by Colman. This sends Trickett deep into the tank before he eventually decides to call only to be shown the bad news and lose an enormous pot of $270,000! which is called by Colman after Seiver folds. The turn is the Ah, and Trickett decides to lead for $22,000 as he has hit bottom set. , which is again called by Colman. As we head to the river, which reveals the 7c, Trickett bets $35,000, but Colman makes a bold move with a raise to $100,000. Trickett decides to call, resulting in an enormous pot of $270,100!

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Thank you to PokerGO for allowing me to use their footage!

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