WPH #463: $1,100,000 Pot & DWAN Rivers a BOAT!

The Hustler Casino Live Million Dollar Cash Game had it all. Incredible bluffs, huge pots & a whole lot of entertainment! This poker hand between two legends of the game is one that will go down in history. It was inevitable that Tom Dwan and Doug Polk would clash at the felt and they gave everything the poker fans were calling for!

Jonathan talks about how larger bet sizes are used in general when you are playing extremely deep stacked cash games which is one of the reasons why this pot was so large by the river!

He also talks about which types of poker hands make the best candidates to use as a semi-bluff raise. Generally they are hands that have no showdown equity but still have good equity if your opponent decides to call.

This epic showdown happened during The Million Dollar Game on The Hustler Casino Live Stream! The minimum buy-in for this high stakes poker game stood at an incredible $1,000,000!

The hand started with Doug Polk raising from the cutoff with 54ss to $3,000. Dwan responded with a 3bet to $14,000 with pocket sevens and Doug makes the easy call as the effective stack is so deep.

With $31,000 in the middle the two players take it heads up to a flop of K72dds. With middle set and the aggression lead, Dwan continues for $15,000 and Doug decides to float with a backdoor flush and straight draw.

The 6h falls on the turn and Dwan continues for $30,000 into a $61,000 pot. With an open ended straight draw but no showdown equity, Doug decides to turn his hand into a semi-bluff and raises to $115,000. Dwan goes deep into the tank and ultimately decides to just call rather than raise. The pot is a massive $291,000 as a 6 lands on the river which now gives Dwan a full house!

Dwan does decide to check on the river before facing a $420,000 bet from Polk. Again Dwan goes deep into the tank trying to figure out if he can raise and still get called by worse hands. He doesn’t think so and ultimately opts for just a call instead to the shock of many of the poker players at the table!

Doug Polk is the owner of The Lodge Card Room along with Brad Owen and Andrew Neeme. Doug has $9,500,000 in live tournament earnings and 3 World Series of Poker bracelets, along with a win in the $100k Super High Roller for $1,600,000.

Tom Dwan also known as durrrr is a 36 year old American professional poker player. He is a favorite poker player for many around the world as he grew up playing in the highest stakes cash games online before Black Friday. He was a regular on Poker After Dark and High Stakes Poker. He is known for his fearless style and big bluffs. Now, Dwan is generally playing in private high stakes cash games in Asia. He is also often seen on the Triton poker tour & has over $6,450,000 in live tournament earnings.

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