WPH #455: Magnus Carlsen BLUNDERS vs Alexandra Botez’s TRAP! [$16,000 Poker Error]

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This live poker stream from the Hustler Casino Live was great fun to watch. For the first time in history, Magnus Carlsen, the number 1 ranked chess player in the world made his poker stream debut and played some incredible hands! In this particular hand he faced off against Alexandra Botez, another grandmaster in Chess. Mariano the popular poker vlogger was also in there battling and somehow managed to maintain an 87% VPIP throughout this 6 hour live poker stream.

Jonathan discusses how you can and should adjust preflop raise sizes according to the game that you are playing in as well as the effective stack depth. If you have deeper stacks you can generally raise using a larger size.

He also agrees with Magnus’ strategy to triple barrel bluff when he turns a pair. You generally want to have a hand that can block your opponent’s from having an extremely strong poker hand.

Magnus Carlsen is currently the highest ranked chess player in the world and arguably the greatest of all time. He is from Norway and is 32 years old, he has been a grandmaster since he was 14. He is the reigning five-time World Chess Champion, four-time World Rapid Chess Champion, and six-time World Blitz Chess Champion. Carlsen has held the No. 1 position in the FIDE world chess rankings since 1 July 2011. He also has a YouTube channel which has 957,000 subscribers.

Alexandra Botez is 27 year old grandmaster from Texas, she became a five-time Canadian National Girls Champion and won the U.S. Girls Nationals at age 15. She has appeared on the Hustler Casino Live stream before with MrBeast, Phil Hellmuth, Tom Dwan and Alan Keating where she won over $500,000. She has 1,127,000 YouTube subscribers.

Mariano is a professional poker player and poker vlogger from America. He is a regular on the Hustler Casino Live stream hosting his own $25/$50 game. He has a popular poker YouTube channel with 129,000 subscribers.

It is important to note that the table was playing the seven-deuce(72o) game. If a player wins a poker hand with 72o then everyone else at the poker table would owe them $100.

This poker hand starts with Magnus Carlsen raising to $125 with 7c2d from under the gun. He picks up calls from Alexandra Botez, Bryce Hall, Nate Hill & popular poker vlogger Mariano. The flop comes the As Th 5d and Magnus continues his story with an almost pot sized bet of $500. This does not deter Botez, Bryce & Mariano as all 3 players call with a piece of that board. The turn is 7h and Magnus does not slow down and fire’s another chunky bet, this time for $1,700. Botez who has now hit two pair decides to call and Mariano makes an ambitious call with his bottom pair. The river is 7s. Magnus who now believes he has the best hand decides to bet $4,100 and Botez raises all-in to $5,270. Magnus is shocked to see Botez reveal her full house which gives her the entire $15,925 pot.

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