WPH #454: $550,000 Pot In This HIGH STAKES Poker Grudge Match!

This high stakes poker heads up match between Matt Berkey and Nik Airball has taken the poker world by storm. There are not many feuds in the poker community that end up in a heads up match but these two have decided to put their money where their mouth is and are battling it out at The Resorts World Poker Room in Las Vegas.

After three days of play the heads up match is extremely close with Solve4Why’s Matt Berkey winning just over $30,000. The two are due to play for 100 hours in total and are now about 20% of the way through the match.

The terms for the heads up match are as follows:

– $200/$400 (400) at Resorts World in Las Vegas – $100,000 min, no max – 3 sessions each week with 6.5hrs per session – The match will last 100 hours – Either player can quit if they end up down more than $1,000,000 – $10,000 penalty for a missed session or quitting early

This poker hand was played at The Resorts World private poker room in Las Vegas. They are playing over $270,000 deep at $200/$400. Matt Berkey raises on the button to $1,000 with 66 and Nik Airball decides to 3bet to $5,000 with QJhh and Matt Berkey defends. The flop comes K63xcc and Airball continues his aggression with a 33% bet on the flop to which Berkey calls. The turn is the Ad and Airball decides to size up using a pot sized bet on the turn. This does not deter Berkey who decides to continue by calling. The river is a beautiful card for Airball as it comes the Ts which gives him the stone cold nuts. Airball decides to use an extremely polarizing bet size as he shoves for 5x pot! Berkey cannot find the fold and calls off his stack with his set and loses the $550,000 pot!

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