WPH #428: How To DESTROY Recreational POKER Players Ft. Jaman Burton!

Jaman Burton aka The Drawing Dead finds himself in the $2/$5 cash game at the Encore in Las Vegas. He is against a tricky opponent who has been hyper aggressive.

Facing a tricky limp re-raiser is always a tricky spot to navigate in a poker hand. It really does depend on your opponent. If they are a tight OMC (Old Man Coffee) you can be sure that they will have a top 1% hand! What about a splashy aggressive poker player that might have too much to drink?

Be aware of the players that are limp re-raising and just choose to call more frequently preflop with your strong but non nutted hands. You don’t need to raise limpers every single time!

Thank you to Jaman Burton for allowing me to use the footage from this poker vlog. Check out his incredible poker channel ‘The Drawing Dead’ here: https://youtube.com/jamanburton

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