WPH #429: Would YOU Make This FOLD?! Wolfgang Poker Put To The TEST!

Today for Weekly Poker Hand we look at a hand from up and coming poker vlogger Wolfgang Poker!

I discuss the strategy that you should be thinking about on different flop textures. A JT7 flop is very different to a J62 flop! Your opponent’s are going to have more hands to continue with on a coordinated flop.

Generally you should use a larger continuation bet size when playing very deep stacked and when the board is coordinated.

Remember that most poker players in low stakes cash games do not like to fold a pair or a draw so you should exploitatively size up your bets with your value hands if you know they are not going to fold!

This poker hand took place at the Roosevelt Club in San Angelo, Texas at $1/$2 blinds.

Thank you to Wolfgang for allowing me to use this footage from his poker vlog. Check out his amazing poker channel and journey here: https://youtube.com/alexanderwolfgangpoker

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