WPH #427: Was Garrett CHEATED For $135,000 In A HIGH STAKES Poker Game?!

The poker world went into a frenzy this week after this crazy hand between Garrett Adelstein and new high stakes poker player Robbi Lew during a high stakes poker hand on the Hustler Casino Live stream.

Both players doubled down on Twitter after this incident with Robbi Lew saying that she made a hero call after she said she was “not playing nice in the sandbox anymore”. Garrett Adelstein responded with his thoughts into how he was cheated out of the money.

The poker hand in question is certainly one that raises a few eyebrows after Robbi calls off her entire stack with just jack high on a board that is even losing to a lot of Garrett’s bluffs yet alone his value hands.

Joey Ingram immediately took to his YouTube channel to investigate and even Nick Vertucci (one of the HCL producers) called in to express his thoughts. You can watch that here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqyGFgvJJZo&t=0s

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