WPH #426: Garrett Causes MAX PAIN In This HIGH STAKES Poker Hand!

Garrett Adelstein is no stranger to the Hustler Casino Live stream and today he faces off against very popular high stakes player Israeli Ron who is known for his famous Q2o hand!

Controversy happens at the end of this poker hand when the money is all in the middle as they cannot decide how many times they want to run the river. Are you a one time or two time kind of player?

When you are playing very deep stacked in a cash game make sure that you are careful with low suited connectors as you may often be dominated if you do hit a flush and lots of money ends up in the middle!

Remember that when you have no fold equity you should not raise with your hands that you would like to semi bluff with!

Thank you to Hustler Casino Live for allowing me to use this footage, check out this hand and many more on their amazing YouTube channel here: https://youtube.com/hustlercasinolive

This hand analysis was part of my Weekly Poker Hand series. I have been covering a poker hand every week for over 8 years!


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