WPH #415: How To Extract MAX VALUE Against RECREATIONALS [WSOP Main Event]

“This is one of the most important spots in No Limit Hold’em” – Matt Affleck Playing in the World Series Of Poker Main Event you will find a huge mix of poker players ranging from top poker professionals to complete recreational players.

In this hand PokerCoaching coach Matt Affleck talks about why he does not bet on low flops when multiway as the UTG player. He also explains why choosing a small bet size is a good poker strategy to deny equity from overcards for a hand that might be vulnerable.

Many players happen to make big mistakes during the WSOP Main Event as they can become overwhelmed with playing in the biggest poker tournament of their lives.

We also discuss a lot about the ranges of hands that players should have in particular positions at the poker table and how that should affect your postflop strategy. Lots of players will over-value the strength of overpairs in multiway pots and subsequently find themselves either winning a small pot or losing a very large pot.

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