WPH #417: Poker PRO BLOWS UP In A HIGH STAKES Tournament [partypoker Premier League]

This hand showcases the infamous Luke ‘__FullFlush1__’ Schwartz as he navigates his way through a star-studded lineup that includes: Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth, Roland De Wolfe, Vanessa Rousso and the villain in this hand – David Benyamine.

The hand took place during partypoker’s Premier League that was a series of SIt & Go’s (SNGs) that players would battle out for points to get a spot at the final table.

Luke Schwartz is known to not hold back at the poker table as he uses crazy speech play to try and tilt his opponents into making bad decisions and incorrect plays. This hand is no different as Luke Schartz goes loco against David Benyamine after apparently being the victim of a poker angle earlier in the game.

This poker hand took place before there was even a thought of PIOsolver or any solver for that matter! I think if we were to plug pretty much all of these actions into a modern poker solver it might just self implode. Having said that, these were some of the glory days in poker with extremely exciting table antics!

In the end the stars aligned and Luke Schwartz faced David Benyamine heads up for the title but unfortunately for him he came 2nd, maybe he still needs to work a little on his heads up game? 😅

Thank you to partypoker for allowing me to use this footage, check out their amazing YouTube channel here: https://youtube.com/partypokerLIVE

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