Weekly Poker Hand #3

I review a hand from the Bay 101 WPT event where I had a tricky decision with top pair and the nut flush draw due to super deep stacks.

Edit: Please forgive my analysis at 4:10 in the video where I say he could have the Ac. I forgot I had it!

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5 thoughts on “Weekly Poker Hand #3”

  1. Cool analysis of the hand. I like how detailed you were in describing your thought process. Also didn’t expect your voice to sound the way it did after reading your posts on share my pair.

  2. Very helpful analysis. I find that in real world I concentrate way too much on the cards and don’t think about recent past play and the villain-type I’m up against.

    1. I am glad you have realized you have a problem with this. In the future, make a point to think more about your opponents and less about your cards. You will find that very few hands actually go to the showdown.

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