Video blog: Stuck in Barcelona, losing $2,000, and missing the wedding

Traveling is usually fun. Sometimes it is a nightmare. This time, American Airlines and US Airways provided a fun little nightmare that is going to result in me losing around $2,000 in reservations, losing a day, and missing a good friend’s wedding. Thanks for that!

Maybe they will fix the problem. We will see.

9 thoughts on “Video blog: Stuck in Barcelona, losing $2,000, and missing the wedding”

  1. Wow, that’s a drag.

    When they say “It’s not possible, it’s not possible” what they really mean is “It’s not possible unless you bribe me.” Welcome to Spain.

    When you bought your ticket on American Airlines, that obliges AA to get you back home. After they cancelled your flight, I’m sure they officially put you on some other flight for free. If you chose to fly instead on Delta, that is your choice and hence your obligation to pay up the difference. (Frequently the new airline — Delta, in this case — will waive this fee, as a courtesy to AA. But you see that more on domestic flights.)

    I wouldn’t say you’re whining or a crybaby, it’s just a bad beat. Scheduling international travel so close to an important wedding was risky, and the odds just finally caught up with you. Sorry you had to experience this. On the other hand, getting stranded in Barcelona is better than being stranded in other places. Once I got stuck in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. There’s less to do there than there is in Barcelona.

    Better luck!

    1. Thanks for the reply. I was unaware I was supposed to bribe everyone.

      They DID give me a flight back home but I had another flight scheduled from NYC to Idaho on the next day. Since they are getting me there after that flight leaves, I have to change that flight if I want to make it to the wedding.

      Clearly I learned a lesson from this. I wish it wasn’t a lesson that was necessary to learn.

  2. This situation sucked for you, I hope you get some sort of compensation from the airline. I have to say I am impressed with your “tilt control” here. You look relatively happy in the video. Most people would be more upset. Although I guess it wouldn’t help to be mad.

    1. All you can do is play the hand you are dealt. I am certainly going to write up the full story and post it here and also file a complaint with the airline. I make a point to enjoy all experiences I have in life. I mean, how many times am I going to miss the wedding of one of my best friends purely due to multiple instances of negligence by an airline? You have to love it!

  3. Wow just saw this now although it must have long receded into your memory. I had a really bad experience 7 years ago when Delta cancelled a flight and stranded me at JFK overnight with no hotel voucher (claiming bad weather in Texas as an excuse). But I have to say your experience with AA, if caused by mechanical issues and not an “act of god”, should be compensable to the point of paying damages due to the loss of experiencing your friends’ wedding. I would take the bastards to court.

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