New Float The Turn Push/Fold Poker App

Float The Turn Push/Fold AppAl Hart (co-author of my latest book, Bluffs) and I have just released a Push/Fold Chart App for your phone that you can use during live or online play to help you make better decisions when short stacked.

Click here to try my new push/fold app

The FloatTheTurn Push/Fold App is designed for No-Limit Hold’em players who want to improve their game. Follow the advice in the App and you’ll increase your equity in short stack situations by making unexploitable plays.

The Instructions for Use of the App are available here:

Click here to view the app instructions

Take a look at the app and let us know what you think in the comments below!


  • Avatar Erwin says:

    Very cool! Thanks Jonathan! And yes, with this I think you are getting us closer to getting phones banned from tables.

  • Avatar Erwin says:

    And the BB is not included in the rotation when clicking on next from 4 to 10 seats. For 2 or 3 seats, only SB is listed. It doesn’t seem to rotate the seat, but the chart does. I refreshed the page to have the latest version.

  • Avatar Larry K says:

    just downloaded your APP for my iPhone 6 … it works GREAT !!! i love it… definitely going to be bringing it along when i go to the tourney tables, which is often 3 or 4 times each week… cant wait to try it live!

    btw, i cant believe it is FREE.. most apps can garner a 5 or 10 dollar download cost.. you might want to look into that when you add more functionality.

    thanks again,
    Larry K

  • Avatar garyhotmail says:

    woooah this looks amazing

    Can I ask a question regarding calling an allin, when I have your app set in browser {not phone} to 10 bb as in your example and I click your button “preflop call and reraise chart” it then gives a chart for 40bb

    So im clear does the app give you calling ranges for a different sizes of allins or does your bluffs book please ?

    • Calling all-ins is VERY different than pushing all-in yourself. The problem with calling charts is that it is difficult to know what your opponents are doing. For example, you could make a calling chart based on a pushing chart, but if your opponent is not using that pushing chart then your calling ranges would be wrong.

  • Avatar David Redfearn says:

    how do you work out the ante setting ?

  • Avatar Sasa says:

    Its look very advanced ! I will try it but i watch a lot of your streams and subscribe your youtubechannel and watch your GPL comentating , you coments are the best and you know what are you talking about and your webinar with olivie was best, you ask very good questions in webinars so i know this charts will work. Thanks a lot!! 🙂

  • Avatar Simon James says:

    Cool app!
    Question though: I’m not an expert HU player but with 10BB and no antes, NOT shoving Q2o-Q7o seems a little tight to me.

  • Avatar Jonathan klingenberg says:

    So simple yet so good:)
    Please make a Video how to approximate ICM with the adjustment tab because I am not sure about that.

  • Avatar Eric says:

    Cool tool – – been using an ap called “snap shove” for the last few months. Funny enough the demo hand of 45 suited you used was a shove in the snap shove ap (granted it was the very bottom). I went through another dozen hands or so and your charts mirrored theirs. Your ap has many more features like moving positions automatically instead of having to re-key in particulars. One thing about snap shove that I do enjoy is the Training feature. Gives you 10 hands and grades your performance. You can sit there and do that for hours . . . . guilty!

  • Avatar Bill S says:

    What about calling these gto all ins? Is there an app for that?

  • Avatar Goran says:

    Wow what a helpful app to use! I tried the app and IT seems to go backwards when I press Next. It goes from button to cut off?? Am I doing somthing wrong?

  • Avatar andy says:

    Excellent piece of software.

    Now I just need to get Jack Effel to let me use it in-between hands…………………

  • Avatar Jens says:

    “The problem with calling charts is that it is difficult to know what your opponents are doing.” … sure – just as you describe it for pushing, i.e. some of the opponents behind may be tight, others loose; you may have been pushing a few times in a row etc. Nevertheless, just as there are GTO pushing ranges, there are GTO calling ranges – is there any intention at all to extend the app to calling ranges? Either way: nice work, thank you!!

  • Avatar Dan Helmer says:

    Jonathan, for the adjustment, is that how you view your opponents or how they view you?

    • I suggest you ignore the “adjustment” section for now as we are still working on it, but in general, you should push wider when they will call tighter either because they are tight or because they expect you to be too tight.

  • Avatar John says:

    Very nice sir!! Why does it start at seat 2? So seat 2 is seat 1 and seat 10 is set 9 correct?

  • Avatar frank says:

    i am a troglodyte and do not have a smart phone…so i can’t use the app…

    is there a link/website available with the tables???

    Thanks again and great article…

  • Avatar Santis says:

    I am trying to download it from google play store. But it’s just saying waiting for download and nothing happends.
    Any advice?