Video Blog: Big Fold + Real-Time Online Grinding

In this video blog from Prague, I discuss a huge fold I made during day 2 of my most recent EPT tournament that allowed me to make a deep run and cash for $10,500. I also play a little online poker for you to watch. I even attempt a big river bluff!

14 thoughts on “Video Blog: Big Fold + Real-Time Online Grinding”

  1. Really like the video blog with you playing online,,will you be doing some coaching videos in this format?
    Also the nut flush vs the FH live hand were you fold,do you think you could make that fold online?

    1. Thanks! I usually don’t record my play in real time because it is often too much to discuss. In this video, I was just starting my session so I didn’t have anywhere near the full number of tables that I normally play.

      As for the flush fold, I would probably call around 85% of the time live and around 95% of the time online, simply because it is much easier to get decent reads live.

  2. Last I checked, Poker stars and full tilt did NOT take USA players. What site do you play on while in the USA?
    What is the “Stats” program you use? can you break down the use of such data? How it gives you an edge?

    1. I relocated to Canada. I don’t play online while I am in America.
      I use Hold’em Manager although PokerTracker and PokerCoPilot are all basically the same thing.
      If you pay attention to specific stats in specific situations, it will give you information about your opponent’s likely range, allowing you to make better decisions.

  3. I really really like this kind of videos that I play over and over again, every time I learn something new.
    I’m impressed by the way you manage sessions and switch between tables without things like TableNinja or other stuffs with big screens, seems like you are the ninja there!
    I’ve seen lot of your videos and heard you saying “yeah, I don’t know why I played this way, I was maybe on 24 tables at the same time” but looking behind your shoulders and having the whole screen is way more instructive.
    Keep on doing it, more real live stuff not just some replays commented! Most of the stuff I’ve seen from you are replayed hands with very good comments but real stuff is far more instructive.
    I do realize now how good you are, I can see that you really play lots of tables at a huge speed and are always able to play the same game! This is just amazing! No matter the number of tables, no matter what happened with that play, you can’t just track every player on every table but you manage to play well, this drives me crazy.
    Jonathan you are my hero and believe me I’ve seen lots of videos on guys playing multiple tables with 3 or 5 big screens!

    1. Thanks for the kind words. I have found that when I am playing my normal session with lots of tables (I was playing around 1/2 as much as I normally do during this session) that it becomes difficult to comment on most spots in depth. I don’t want to be one of those guys who simply say “i am going to raise here” and leave it at that. I want to be able to explain why I make a specific play. That being said, I will try to make more videos like this in the future. Thanks again for the comments!

  4. big fan of jonathan little get all the 4 books!! needed an advise how to play live pocker trounments with 10000 chips 50$ big blind going up every 30 minuts! im playing
    in ontario canada! playing soild pocker and picking up the aggrassion once the blinds go up and the ants kick in!!! is there any other way to play!!

    1. Edward, that sounds like a plan to me. With stacks that deep, it is often a good idea to get involved with players who will overvalue hands such as top pair early in the event. If you can make a hand that can beat top pair, you stand to win a ton of chips. If you study my books, you will be in good shape. Good luck!

  5. Jon,
    When playing online would you say you and most people playing 10+ tables are playing a game depending on hud stats and as you get deeper into tournaments you focus more on the tournament your going deep in?

    1. I depend on the HUD stats a decent amount. As I get deeper, especially as I am playing fewer tables, I pay much more attention to each table. That being said, even when I am playing a ton of tables, I still take a bunch of notes, especially when I see anything out of the ordinary.

  6. Hey Jonathan. I really enjoy these types of videos even tho it is hard for me to wrap my head around you playing so many tables! Lol It is incredible how you can play so many tables and keep paying solid. Is there any chance you could do a live video blog like this with fewer tables? I know it may be boring to you but I would find it very helpful. Thanks for all of your video blogs and training videos, they are really making me a better player. I am truly inspired by your passion to get better at poker and life and I look to do the same! Thanks again!

    1. Thanks for the reply. The problem is that when I play online, given I only have a few opportunities, I want to make the most of them. This usually means that I will likely play very few tables at a time. I recently won a $100 tournament for $50,000 or so where I recorded once I got down to one table. I will make the series where I review the entire tournament history, along with the video replay, available for purchase sometime in the future. You can sign up for my email list to get a notification when it happens. Thanks again for the kind words.

  7. Really enjoyed the video blog. Sometimes I get more out of your random thoughts and comments. When you where talking about the nut flush fold and you said “Master yourself and your own tendencies, your going to do much better in the long run.” It hit me in the face like a sledgehammer. That whole situation is one of my biggest leaks, and I will call off every time. Paired boards always kill me, and I know I have to learn to fold. That statement is pretty profound, you need to copyright it.


    Ken N.

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