Testing PokerSnowie’s new algorithm

poker-snowirPokerSnowie, a bot designed to teach you to play fundamentally sound poker, recently updated their algorithm, making the bot’s strategy even better. They also added a few new features, such as a “tips” option, that explains why you should make the plays that Snowie suggests.

I decided to play a few sessions to see how I fared. If you want to try PokerSnowie for FREE for two weeks, click this link for a free trial. When you sign up, use promo code JLPoker.

Check out these two videos and let me know what you think about my play.


I hope you enjoyed these two videos. Would you have played any of these situations differently than I did? Remember, to click here to claim your FREE two-week membership to PokerSnowie. Be sure to check back next week for another educational blog post.

2 thoughts on “Testing PokerSnowie’s new algorithm”

  1. Jonathan I definitely agree with your small blind theory, to me it’s the best play on small blind, just briefly following it with you, need to study it a bit more! Thank you for this tif bit! Looks very interesting, a Hollywood player here in Ohio!! Where there are more 2-3 bets from small instead of calling or limping with a premium hand. Follow you closely as you no! Good luck

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