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04_freetrialI have been studying poker a ton recently and one of my favorite programs to work with is PokerSnowie. Since I strive to constantly bring you the best training material possible, I decided to record a few videos of me studying for you to watch. These two videos are of me playing against PokerSnowie’s Challenge feature, which essentially lets me play against a number of “perfect”-playing bots. It is useful to see how they react to my play and also how they approach common situations. If you play against excellent players on a regular basis, if you play significantly different than these bots, you are almost certainly making significant errors. 

Video 1:

Video 2:

I hope you enjoyed these videos. If you want to study using PokerSnowie, check it out here! Be sure to check back next week for another educational blog post. Thanks for watching!



2 thoughts on “More PokerSnowie Study”

  1. Hi Jonathan:
    I bought your Little Green Book and learned a lot from reading it. But this email is about this web page. I don’t know how old this web page is, but, although the video is informative and does a great, but not unduly biased job of selling Pokersnowie, I believe, for the sake of your followers, that you should update the link to Pokersnowie. I went to the web site and found that not only do they only give you a 10-day trial, but the number of challenges they allow is pathetically small. And the price has jumped from $39 a year to $99. I had the trial program for less than 24 hours before I was told that it was time to buy as I had used up all my challenges. Red Chip poker also advertises Pokersnowie for less than $40 per year and they advise that their website is up to date as of 2018. This is either not the case or Pokersnowie has suddenly increased the price of their product by 250%. I am now looking at Flopzilla and I would like to know if you have tried this program and, if you have, how you compare the two.. Thanks for listening.

    1. I was unaware of their price changes. I’ll see if I can somewhat easily update the details on that site. I have used flopzilla and i think it is useful, especially when you are learning about fold Equity and how often each player will connect with the board.

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