2018 WPO + Super Bowl Charity Vlog

In this video blog, I walk you through my deep run in the 2018 Borgata Winter Poker Open plus my journey to Minneapolis to play in the WPT NFRFLD Matter Charity Poker Tournament.

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2 thoughts on “2018 WPO + Super Bowl Charity Vlog”

  1. Nice Blog Jonathan. Really appreciated it. The Borgata reeks of money.

    The word you were searching for wasn’t “apathy”, and you’re a caring person,, so the word is: Ambivalence = having mixed feelings.

    Why are you a self-professed calling station? This implies you’re not an effective folder—which is important. You’re tunnel focused on winning of course. You did well nonetheless. Tournament poker is largely a crapshoot with the weakest of players able to win.

    Losing to a flopped boat is the freaking nature of this game. But this player did give you bit of a tell. Yet tells cannot be relied upon. You believed he didn’t have pocket kings or pocket sevens, and thought for an instant that he might be “trapping.” Your range analysis was dancing around in your thoughts. But you were playing a 10/6. And yet your thoughts never seemed to land on fold. Nothing you could do about it once you filled your straight and became committed to showdown As you would say, the chips are going in the pot.

    With that middling straight, I would have protected my hand, and even folded a straight if my tournament life was at stake. You can’t make a comeback when your chips are gone. Being a calling station is a double edged sword that can keep a player from making an intelligent and important lay-down.

    Remember the PCA you commented on, with Maria Ho’s amazing lay down. It kept her in the game and she made an amazing comeback. That was absolutely brilliant. And this was commented on for culmination of the tournament.

    There’re much to be said about considering one’s tournament life from the point of making necessary folds. Where it’s not a crime, or being nitty, but something to be cultivated, particularly with one’s tournament life at stake.

    You still made $12,500. That’s a win in my book.

    I have tremendous respect for your instructional and playing style. You’ve got the right attitude and a real ability to once again make the final table—soon to happen.

    Good luck with the new book.


    1. Hand values like “T-6” or “a straight on a paired board” are completely irrelevant. What matters is how you fare against the opponent’s range. I discussed my thoughts about it in the vlog. In general though, I would much prefer to play a style that gives me a big stack or busts me, especially when there are essentially no payout jumps in the near future. The goal is to win, not fold and have 15bbs left. Obviously, if I thought I had nearly no equity I would fold, but I did not think that was the case.

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