Week 1 and 2 of the 2016 WSOP

In this video blog, I share with you my adventures from the first two weeks of the 2016 World Series of Poker. I played only one WSOP event, but I played some cash games, spent some time with Amie, got interviewed for an upcoming TV show, and played in my first Global Poker League match. It was a nice change of the pace to my previous 9 years at the WSOP where I spent every waking moment at the poker table!

Here is my first live Global Poker League match in the cube versus world-class professional Mike Leah. I’m not going to lie. I was incredibly nervous for this match! The action starts 29 minutes into the video.

You can watch all of my past Global Poker League matches here.

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19 thoughts on “Week 1 and 2 of the 2016 WSOP”

  1. Hello Jonathan,

    I hope I did not bother you too much While you were playing tonight at Bellagio. I just wanted to thank you for all you do to help us old limit players improve at no limit. I used some pot control techniques you preach in the pot control video and flatted several times when the old me would have raised and shrank my opponants range. Thank you for all the fantastic content on your site. I have told several of my poker friends and have quoted you and Ed Miller at Roy Cooks weekly poker discussion group. Enjoyed the blog and hope it helps some of the Vegas newbys. Isn’t life great when your wife totally supports you!!! Sorry if my comment rambled but I’m crushing the 2-5 game across the room from you right now (thanks to you!)

    Carl, Twoblkaces

  2. It was cool to see that. 15-20 min is about the upper limit of what I will watch for video blogs. Two questions. What about the cube made you nervous? It does seem a little eerie in there. And were you checking Amie’s feet for a nervous tell during her interview? : )

  3. How to improve your video blog? That’s easy…More airtime for your beautiful wife, of course!
    Thanks for sharing your first two weeks in Vegas via the video blog…always enjoy watching them.
    Keep up the great job! Thanks again.

  4. Fun to see your personal life/side after spending so much time in your books and videos.

    1. Allan Celestin

      Hey Jonathan! Thanks to you and your books, this old guy has learned some new tricks and was able to come in 2nd in the Wynn Summer Senior Classic for my best cash of $30,496. My wife is proud of her 78 year old partner. You the man Jonathan!

  5. Now I see why you look so happy. She is lovely.
    Question: I had nut flush with a QQA 7 2 board. Opponent goes all in. I had just beat him 2 hands earlier trying to bluff me with a 20,000 bet.
    Would you have called? Pot was 100000+
    I had him covered by 250000.
    Of course, he had the AQ.

  6. river_princess_

    Hi Jonathon – the video blog time was just right, 15+ minutes. I had perma-grin the entire time as it appeared you were enjoying yourself. For me this time it was the reverse – played the entire week, everyday for 10+ hours. BTW – your hair looks better ruffled as in the last shot.

  7. Good to see you relaxed Amie is a good influence but guess now its down to work

    England in the soccer qualified just so while Euros are on Ive not been playing as much so sending you some run good

    15 minutes is perfect however for me it took nearly 1 hour to watch kept pausing I even tried youtube

  8. David R Aikens

    I will drive back to Vegas this next week, I have been reading yours and Doug Hulls books,. this past weekend I bought into a cash game for, 125.00 and cashed out, 310.00, made the mistake of getting out of game, and the cash game tables were full , on account of the monster stake tournament, waiting list to long so left and came back home, will return to Vegas weekend of July fourth, probably be there, Saturday the 2nd,. good luck and maybe I will see you again., David R Aikens

  9. Awesome mate!

    First time reader on this blog but I’ll be hanging around and learning as poker is one of the games I need to learn a lot more about. I hope to be able to attend the WSOP some day. If you don’t mind a question, what is your hourly average rate when you play? If you’ve covered this elsewhere, apologies 😀


  10. The way you shuffled the cards while sitting down at the interview…i just expected you to flip over a Wrath of God on my over-extended board.

    Run good.

  11. David R Aikens

    it was great meeting you again, I have been reading your book, and would like to learn a lot more, I was in Vegas again today, lost in the cash game this time, don’t know if I will go back to Vegas next week or not,. I was wondering about the 3 bet booth, you were the only one I saw next to it, will anyone be running the booth, or is it just to advertise 3 bet. just to let you know meeting you and mike Sexton and a few other pros this year, was great, and I will always remember you from last year when you were at the final table,. pocket jacks, you said the hand was a coin flip against ace king,. I remember that from last year,. I think you will get a bracelet this year. I will learn to take your advice from the book you signed, were you said take your time.
    thanks again: David R Aikens

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