My Favorite Poker Hands on YouTube

In this blog post, I will present fun hands that are posted on YouTube that I find particularly enjoyable. Some are educational; some are purely for entertainment purposes. I hope you enjoy them.

This is perhaps my favorite hand. Feel free to mute the commentators. Watch the magic!

This hand is equally awesome. Ignore the commentators but listen to the table talk.


Hellmuth takes this surprisingly well.


This is what you have to deal with when you go to Europe to play.


Tom Dwan probably isn’t afraid to run a bluff.


River bluffs are strong.


I hope you enjoyed these hands. If you like this blog format please let me know. Thanks for watching!

17 thoughts on “My Favorite Poker Hands on YouTube”

  1. I really miss High Stakes Poker and Poker after Dark. Not to mention Full Tilt when it still had rakeback that made the rake beatable. :’-(
    Great collection. I knew most of these hands already, but it was a lot of fun seeing them again. Thank you very much. I needed some serious cheering up and those easily did the trick.
    I would love to see more posts like this once in a while and reading your comments on the hands would indeed be great.

  2. The one with Benny Spindler is INSANE… I played with him once and he is a total maniac sicko… But very good…

    And Dwans bluff on Ivey is epic… Not because of Dwans bluff, but because Ivey actually thought about calling… He wasn’t Hollywooding…

    The only one I would add (and not sure what one you remove) is the one with Antoinus vs Laak and Patrick makes a great call on the river with like 4th pair… But it’s probably the best video example of hand reading and knowing your opponent I have seen…

    1. While I am not sure if it is the greatest hand ever (can you really beat a guy doing magic tricks while bluffing?!?), it should for sure be on the list. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Why do you like the A7 shove? My analysis is that being the short stack, why risk it against the other big stack when the payjump is that much?

    Really nice material you publish, I’m now your student.

    Keep it up

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