Weekly Poker Hand #52

I show you a hand that I probably misplayed. Do you ever 4-bet 8h-7h from first position?

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Poker Hand #52”

  1. Interesting hand! I like how you played it post-flop. To the button, a 4-bet from UTG probably looks like a super strong hand something like QQ+, AK. When he flats the 4-bet he will often be looking for a board to outflop your monster and stack you, so I guess his range contains a lot of small to medium pocket pairs and suited connectors/broadways.

    A line of bet flop, bet turn is good with a hand like this and a line a lot of players would also take with KK/AA. A check-shove is a good option too, but personally I like it a little less. It is highly dependent on the expectation that villain will bet the flop and he won’t always do so here I think. Because he probably perceives your range as super strong, he may often be hesitant to bet once you check. Also, it looks rather suspicious if you 4-bet UTG and then suddenly check the flop so a check may look even scarier in his eyes and set off alarm bells. If he does check behind, we’re in a pretty awkward spot, as we’re giving him a free turn card to potentially improve and it will be hard for us to bet turn and river and get him off his hand. All in all, I prefer the line you took over going for the check-shove on the flop as I think there’s a fairly decent chance he may just check behind.

    1. Thanks for the reply! I agree that he may check behind a decent amount of the time. Especially against a straightforward player, I much prefer betting twice compared to checking.

  2. Very interesting hand and nice analysis. As played, what would you do if he raises all-in on the turn? What if you were actually holding AA, KK or QQ?

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