Weekly Poker Hand #37

I make a tight fold before the flop based on my reads that saved me a ton of money. Would you have made the same fold?

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Poker Hand #37”

  1. facebook_sroselius

    I’ve made AQ laydown before, both preflop and on the flop when the action got heavy. Glad to hear that I am not some crazy nit!!

    Love the vids Jon.

  2. Michael Brandon

    Hey I would have, and have done the same thing you in that situation. It’s good to know when your opponents have you beat and not talked yourself into, a well maybe I could outplay them after the flop like some people think they can do. Keep the hands coming it’s good to talk them through and see different situations and how others would play them out.

  3. Good fold. Tight passive 50 year olds don’t often 3 bet in this situation in my experience without an even tighter range than you suggest in your vid – I’d say QQ+, AKs, maybe even as tight as KK+. So trusting your read on this player is a good decision. Also slightly surprised the TAG called in this spot out of position.

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