Weekly Poker Hand #36

I demonstrate how to get full value from an amateur player while losing the minimum when I happen to get unlucky. Always be sure to think about your opponent’s range!

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Poker Hand #36”

  1. Christopher Chan

    got the hard cover version of the book – helpful! still looking to apply some of it to tourneys, but it’s allowed for pretty profitable situations, at least in the cash game.

    so in this case, thin value bets are the way to go against a loose passive player, i presume.

    how would you respond if the LAG check raised you on the flop? i find most times CR’s aren’t considered light in the small stakes environment, but at the same time, some people can overvalue a King with a worse kicker or a pair as a bluff.

    1. I think that in small stakes games, most players would check-raise with a range of draws, sets, two pair, AA, AK, KQ, KJ and perhaps worse Ks. Against that range, AK is in fine shape. If instead the opponent is only check-raising with KQ and better made hands, AK is an easy fold.

  2. Great hand review, very detailed. Something I want to get in the habit of doing. My question is if he would have check raised less would you have called or because of his player type a check raise to any amount would be a clear fold? What if you were in the same spot with the LAG?

    1. I think this is a fairly easy fold versus any check-raise because it is so likely that the opponent has a 5 or slowplayed nut hand. I would probably only check-raise this river with a full house or better because it is too likely that the bettor has a strong hand that he will not fold. Of course, this is overly exploitable, but I don’t think you can count on random opponents to make big folds.

  3. How close were you to or do you ever consider checking back on the river against a Loose Passive player who has called us down thus far?
    Also, if he bets out, reasonably, on the river do we ever raise? I think I just find a call there.?. fold?

    1. I would be fine checking behind if I thought my opponent would fold most worse made hands than mine on the river. As played, it is suuuuuper likely that I have the best hand when checked to. I think a value bet against most players is fairly mandatory.

      If the opponent bet into me on the river, I would have happily called. Raising would be suicide as most players will only call when I am beat.

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