Weekly Poker Hand, Episode 35

In this eposide, I show you how to play an overpair on the flop when your opponent’s range is overly strong. Always be sure to think about your opponent’s range!

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  • Tommy Z says:

    As always I enjoyed your deductive reasoning in a hand. Did you ever find out on break or after what “the villain” had??

  • […] http://jonathanlittlepoker.com/wph35/ So if we're getting away from this on the flop, which makes sense, should we ever consider folding to the 3b? As noted our set mining odds are barely right, although implied odds of stacking him should be. If we have his range as TT (sometimes) JJ +, AK+ we're a slight dog if it gets in. We're going to face a CB a lot so our change to take it down when he misses this is low and we don't like a flop with any AKJ or T. So are we calling the 3.3k for the times the flop doesn't hit these cards and he misses his CB? Is it not just better to fold pre despite it being very tight? Sounds gross………… Quote This Reply With Quote […]

    • We are not getting away from this hand on all flops when we fail to make a set. On this specific board, we are not in great shape but on most low card boards, we will be in fine shape. The plan is certainly not to call the 3bet preflop then check-fold on 962, 753, or J76.

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