Weekly Poker Hand #244

Top pair with no kicker faces off against the nut flush draw. Was this a standard hand or was it horribly misplayed?

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Poker Hand #244”

  1. In the video you said you liked Wolf’s small bet sizing on the flop. But you also suggested it might have revealed to Baysy that Wolf had a marginal hand. Does it mean that Wolf’s sizing was good “exploitatively” (Baysy would check raise too rarely) but potentially not balanced? Or do you think he should bet small with all his range at that spot? Could you please explain this?

  2. Yeah no way he folding to any bet on the river. No possible flush. The only possible 7 9 straight makes no sense for his range. I don’t think any sets make sense with a flush draw on the board..feel like there would’ve been a big bet on the turn if that was the case. So A3 is pretty much one of the best hands you could have in this situation… you block a lot of combos higher than you. I know it’s easy after looking at the cards, but I don’t think I would’ve tried to bluff the river. An ace makes too much sense for the opponent’s range. Trying to bluff him off of that is very difficult. To bluff me off an A3 in this situation he would’ve probably had to go all in.

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