Weekly Poker Hand #228

I discuss short stacked blind versus blind final table play. Lots of people think it is all luck, but that is definitely not true.

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Poker Hand #228”

  1. Why is shoving not a good option? His M is less than 10, he’s likely to pick up an extra 15k to his stack at this point?

  2. I’ve always folded my small blind even when it wasn’t proven to be a leak and I always thought I did fold it to much.
    So it’s nice to see, actually it was the best play when I folded time after time and more on top.
    I do however still shove in certain spots when faced in this situation, but depending on the player in the BB. I tend to shove more near a bubble or when I know the player is laddering.
    Is this ok in certain spots or still no?

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