Weekly Poker Hand #225

I review a fun limped pot from Stones Gambling Hall where A-Ks goes for the trap. Do you find the call once you get limp-jammed with A-Qs?

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Poker Hand #225”

  1. Unless I knew that one of the limps was capable of a limp/re-raise play, I would be tempted to shove pre-flop if I were CX at 24 BB stack. There are 4.5 BB just sitting out there, with a chance to take them without a fight. If CX is re-raised, he is calling anyway (absent a good read) so why not shove and put fold equity on his side?

  2. It seems that at this stage of the game, final table that you do not want to shove unless you have top pairs. In this hand cx would not of even had a choice to fold. Despite winning it was a terrible situation to get caught in. With 24 big blinds I should tighten my game up and look for spot to steal blinds or have position and hope to take down pots on the flop or turn. Finally when you hit a flop to get as much value out of the hand as possible. I would want to have 50+ BB before opening up and playing more hands and trying to make plays on safer stacks (middle stacks) .

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