Weekly Poker Hand #222

I find a nice turn overbet spot heads-up in a $10,000 buy-in event.

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Poker Hand #222”

  1. Jonathan,

    I listen to your podcast version of WPH, could you please annunciate the cards and suits. I know you get really excited about sharing your hands which is cool but you always leave out details.

    In this weeks hand #222 you mention you have QT off suit, great but what are the suits? You mention the opponents hand as Jh4h, yeah! But you call out the flop as QxTx5x with 2 hearts – which 2 are the hearts? I chose Q5. Then you discuss what bet sizing would we do… without being in the moment and just looking at this one hand my initial inclination would be about 9M not knowing what his behind is. The thing is you never actually say what the turn card was for why you went all in and he folded.

    Could you please make a note on a post it note the cards and suits so you can share them with us pretty please with gumdrops and sprinkles on top.



    BTW, I have listened to all 222 episodes and the above drives me nuts because I listen at work. Next time I am in Vegas (or wherever our play crosses) i’ll Look you up and buy you a drink.

  2. Hello Jonathan,
    If the turn card is a heart of Ten, what would you do ?
    What if the turn card is a heart of Two ?

    Thank you for sharing.

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