Weekly Poker Hand #216

I find J-J on a Q-Q-x board at a $10,000 final table. How would you have played this one?

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Poker Hand #216”

  1. Thank you for sharing that I find that that sometimes that’s so weak in my game and I would probably try to rear A’s early I understand about the leaking of the chips now in a better different view in mind and I’m going to try to implement that in my Tournament game as well so thank you for this episode it made a lot of sense and I think it will help me going forward and not bitter poker player.

  2. What`s your play if a flush card hits the turn? Bet until he shows you reason to believe he has it?
    I find this is a difficult spot if you bet the turn and river from Sam`s point of view, would he just call down if you keep betting? He knows it`s unlikely you have a Q so what do you have? Broadway cards, flush draw, bluff

  3. I forgot to add this to my last question so combine if you want…
    It seems like I’m making a mistake in my thinking as a hand like this, if I am in Sam’s position my thinking goes:
    It’s unlikely he has a Q, it’s unlikely he has a pair, he probably has some broadway cards in his range, there are 2 flush cards on the board, and any T, J, K, or A beats me. So, I raise for protection on the flop.
    That not a correct way of looking at it from Sam’s point of view or does pot control count for more on the flop and turn here?

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