12 thoughts on “Weekly Poker Hand #203”

  1. David Strelitz

    I really do like the video WPH so please continue. I like them all but the video I like a bit better since I play almost exclusively live. Thanks,

  2. Hey Jonathan

    I really like the live cash game reviews, especially at the LL stakes. I think you see a lot of sub optimal play and it helps identify the leaks in my game.

  3. I like the format. I’d be interested in seeing a breakdown of a pre-bubble hand from the 2017 WSOP; can’t recall one player’s name but he was head’s up against Chino Rheem with pocket AA. He opened pre-flop and Chino called. Flop was a brick, he bet and Chino called again. Turn was another brick, and he checked (IMHO this gave control of the pot to Chino). Chino now bet and our guy called. Turn is another brick, hero checked and Chino bet like 2/3 of the pot, and hero folded. When hero checked the turn I told my wife “he’s given the hand to Chino”. Was there a good reason to check the turn? Given that hero had AA and there was nothing to indicate that Chino had improved his hand; if hero was ahead at the flop he remained ahead through the hand since the betting pattern didn’t give any reason to believe had improved. In light of that, would you have folded, and why? I think in this situation with the AA and a dry board you just keep barreling, keeping the pressure on Chino. Otherwise you open the door and Chino will bust right through it.

  4. Jonathan, I think wph is one of the best free training materials out there. You have a great way of explaining your approach to poker and it has helped me a lot in the last 18 months. The new format is good and I’d like to see it continue for a few weeks. But I also like seeing tournament situations that you or others have been in so maybe the answer is to keep some variety. Thanks for producing these and hope to see you at the wsop.

  5. I think I like the old format better. It was much easier to follow. Many times in the video the camera is even pointing at the action so it is very hard to follow. It is no better than listening to your comments without the video. Probably worse.

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