3 thoughts on “Weekly Poker Hand #202”

  1. Hi
    I play small states Mtt and tHe play in the early is very loose passive, pre a lot of limps and post a lot of calls.. in this spot Id never bet River to bluff cause I get showdown value vs so many hands(ak-aq-aj-axs-kq-kj and maybe 22/44/55).
    Maybe on higher stakes u find some1 can fold a ten but the again of u do u should always bet bluff vs him cause if He folds tp i guess u get value, but at my stakes especially if u check/call check bet u cant make anyone fold any pair if u go half pot if u do 75% or higher u prob get the 3/6/8 to fold. Infact I would actually thinking about value on the river with an 8 depending on oppo (lot of those i play agaist vs Jason line would call with ace high), if i do i’d value small li ke 30/35%, still most of the time i would check.

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