Weekly Poker Hand #19

I show you how to play the nuts on a scary board when deep-stacked. I also outline when you should slow play and when you shouldn’t.

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10 thoughts on “Weekly Poker Hand #19”

    1. Thanks for the kind words. Pushing is fine although minraising with the intention of folding or perhaps calling off may be better if you have solid info about your opponents.

  1. Hi Jonathan, nice vid and very well explained as always.

    If you had AcTc do you feel it would be a more attractive hand to just call given that it’s less likely our opponent can have a flush draw and less likely that a club will roll off on turn or river? Obviously cards can still come that kill our action but might be nice to split our straights 3 raising and 1 calling?

    1. I probably would have called then for the reasons you stated. At that point, I don’t have to worry about near as many outs and I think it is worth giving my opponent a free shot at some potential outs in exchange for drastically under representing my hand.

  2. Hey Jonathan,

    Cracking stuff as ever – thank you! And yes I agree, this format is great for exploring these spots.

    But if I may ask something that kinda means we are getting two for the price of one but…what do you think of how the villain played his hand? I think you seemed to suggest that he made a mistake putting you on a draw. So does this mean he was wrong to shove there?

    Presumably though there’s no way he can fold two pair? So should he have just called and then check folded the turn if a scare card like a club or an ace came?

    But even if a non-club ace comes, shouldn’t he still be continuing with two pair? And is it so bad to shove to protect that hand? Especially on the turn?

    Sorry if it’s a basic question but just as your ATs hand is a classic spot where amateurs – like me! – make a mistake slow rolling; the villain’s hand is equally the sort of hand that I struggle with often – two pair on a flop that’s really hitting other ranges etc. How to proceed….?

    Thank you as ever!


    1. I think most people vastly overvalue 2 pair in situations like this. Against my range, which is premium draws and mostly better made hands, he is in fairly bad shape, meaning he should fold.

  3. Jonathan,

    Interested in your thoughts of how the villain should have played his hand. I think he has to call your raise because you could be bluffing. If you were in his shoes would you call flop raise with the intention of check calling turn and river, unless more scare cards come (like they did) then you can get away. Let me know what you think.

    1. As nitty as it sounds, unless I am overly wild, he should probably fold. My range is either a better made hand or a premium draw. Against that range, he is in bad shape.

  4. Jon, one of the best you’ve done. You say: “this guy raised the flop, he can’t have a better than than mine, he must be drawing, and this isn’t the way you should be thinking about poker.” What does this last part mean? Is the error that the O is assuming a draw and not a strong hand? Or your O is not thinking about ranges, etc.? Thanks a million.

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