Weekly Poker Hand #184

I flop a bluff catcher and use it to catch a bluff.

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8 thoughts on “Weekly Poker Hand #184”

  1. You are the man. My friend Deepinder Singh took one on one coaching from you and just had two 50k cashes.
    I wish I could afford to hire you one on one.

  2. I have some questions. Suppose you had the Jack of Hearts, instead of the Jack of Spades. First, how does this change your overall play, especially after the Turn? Second, if a fourth Spade hits on the River and the villain keeps betting, do you still call him down? Does it depend on you having the Jack of Hearts or the Jack of Spades?

    1. I would tend to continue check-calling down. When the fourth spade arrives against a competent player who is capable of bluffing, you should often bluff catch because they will bet many of their non-flushes.

  3. you never gave a good reason as to why nationality matters when analyzing opponents. even the age thing was a stretch (what if the kid has rich parents? what if the old guy is a grinder?)

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