Weekly Poker Hand #154

I play a 4-bet 4-way pot with K-Qo. That doesn’t happen too often!

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Poker Hand #154”

  1. Hi Jonathan. I love your podcast and also your pokercoaching.com website, where I’m a subscriber – have certainly found it super helpful to my play, and have definitely improved a lot. Can I give you one quick piece of feedback that I think applies to the great majority of the hands you go over both on this podcast and on the website – and on this week as well? In the vast majority of hands you review for us, it seems like you have reasonably good cards – premium hands, or pre-flop hands that connect either somewhat or very well with the board, or both. I understand there are reasons for this; you tend to play those hands much more often than garbage, and when you are playing garbage/air/hands that don’t connect, you often either take down the pot quickly or fold – so there’s less opportunity for interesting turn and river decisions. And of course you occassionally do review hands where you execute bluffs. Still – frankly, I find, after improving a lot with your help over the last couple years, where I still find myself getting into trouble in tournaments is where I get card dead for long stretches of time, and/or am playing at reasonably tight tables, and make moves, usually in position, with non-premium hands, or raise A-K or A-J or a low pocket pair, and then do NOT connect at all on the flop. Can I make a request, either on podcast or on pokercoaching.com, for a few more hands that fit into that general category? Would be really helpful to better understand your decision-making process re when to C-bet with air or close to air, when to try to take down pots on turn, how to navigate situations when very LAG players call C-bets in position when you miss the flop then fire on the turn with what you suspect to be air, when to simply give up, etc etc. With your help I definitely think I have gotten much better at playing hands like A-A or J-J or A-K when you connect on the flop or situations where you hit a set – would be great to get better during long stretches of tournaments where you have to get better at stealing as well or making moves when you just aren’t getting the cards you need, esp in lower-stakes turbo tournaments. Thank you!

    1. Thanks for the comment. I will certainly make something like that in the future. In fact, the most recent PokerCoaching.com webinar dealt with this. Check it out if you haven’t already!

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