Weekly Poker Hand, Episode 15


  • Bachir says:

    Always enjoy your analysis. Thanks.
    What would convince you to call if this unknown “generic” opponent makes a small, medium (~1/2 pot) or large river bet?

    • That’s a tough question. It depends a lot on my opponent and what he is doing. The same bet size can mean drastically different things from different players. Don’t fall into the habit of always assuming a particular bet size is strong from generic opponents.

  • Paul says:

    First, let me say I really like your podcast. It is nicely concise and focuses on very practical issues.

    In this hand, would you have been more inclined to fold a 2/3 pot sized turn bet by your opponent rather than calling his 1/2 pot bet? If not, what would cause you to fold on the turn?

    • I am glad you enjoy the podcast. Thanks for the kind words.

      I don’t think the bet sizing matters too much. I imagine I would only fold the turn if he bet larger than the size of the pot, really polarizing his range.

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