Weekly Poker Hand #143

I decide to get frisky with a medium pair after I raise and am 3-bet. Would you have pushed all-in in this spot?

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Poker Hand #143”

  1. William Maguire

    Wouldn’t his 3 bet/fold range come from the bottom of his calling range, so instead of adding the AXos as his 3-bet bluffing range, should it not be small pairs, suited connectors and the smaller suited As (something like 55-33, A5s-A3s, 76s, 65s, 54s, JTo, T9o) in equal number to his 3 bet calling range (62 combos). So he would be calling (or folding) 50% of the time. So the equation would be win the steal 50%, and get called 50% as a 2:1 dog. I’m getting steal worth +4K+/-, shove/call/win worth +14K, shove/call/lose worth -29K. 77 just seems like a decidedly net -EV play.

    1. He could certainly develop his range in various ways. In general, you want more raise/folding hands than raise/calling hands, perhaps up to a 2:1 ratio because when you call, you should have a large equity advantage.

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