Weekly Poker Hand #129

I mess up an A-K situation but (maybe) figure out the correct play in this post-game analysis.

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5 thoughts on “Weekly Poker Hand #129”

  1. If he’s a tag player.. why not check/call the river and pretend you give up and show weakness?
    I think he would raise the turn when he’s stronger and when checking the river you give him a chance to bluff.
    You also protect yourself from hands like QQ/JJ/1010 (You have to fold when he shoves the river) but i think he has a lower pair pretty much off the time so i would let him bluff (check/call) the river if he’s a aggressive player. My 2 cents 🙂

    1. Most TAGs will check behind all Queens and worse made hands on the river whereas if I bet, they will call. Most TAGs don’t run too many river bluffs with marginal made hands, which should be most of my opponent’s range. If my opponent was loose and aggressive (and capable of bluffing when given the opportunity), bluffing gains some merit.

  2. Just love your wph and this one especially since ak is one of the most misplayed hands imo.
    I’ve been trying to play it less aggressively, often time calling a bet pre flop rather than 3 betting, taking the lead on the flop and losing more chips. but I don’t do that all the time. any…great lesson from you and keep them coming

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