Weekly Poker Hand #117

I attempt a risky double barrel in a 3-bet pot. Would you have made this play?

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Poker Hand #117”

  1. I like the play and make it often. He has to fold so many hands. All pairs under a ten and even some TX combos that don’t include a good heart will fold a lot of the time. You look so strong that unless he just has you on a bluff he can’t really call light.

  2. Mika Hämäläinen

    OOP is always hard, and I thank you for sharing your thoughts in these difficult spots.
    1. Do you think you are leveraging your whole stack when you are betting only 1/3 pot on the turn? I’m asking because you are leaving only 1/2 pot bet for the river should the villain call your turn bet, and it might look stronger to him than the line you proposed in the video, i.e. betting smaller on the flop and turn to leave a pot-sized bet for the river. In my mind, the smaller bets are profitable bluff-bets and they leave you a much healthier stack so it might be more feasible for you to just give up on the river. If the villain called the turn, I would be inclined to give up on the river, because doublebarreling OOP looks pretty strong, so I don’t think the villain is going to the river with a weak range.
    2. How aggressive/spewy would the villain had to be for you to shove the river? LAG splashy should be very wide, or was he that way only from late positions?
    3. What river cards would you not shove with?
    4. What range do you think the villain put you on? IMO, the K-turn fits your SB 3-bet range like a glove.
    5. Would you adjust your play here if it was a $200 online tournament? Or a $10 online tournament?

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